Psychometric Analysis / Solutions

The word PSYCHOMETRIC consists of two words: Psycho means Mind and Metric means Measurement, so it literally means Measurement of the Mind. These tests are designed to measure natural talents and type of personality a child / growing adult has.

Psychometric Analysis discovers the innate potential of a child or an employee. It help’s all in making informed decisions during critical junctures of life. With a proper analysis, one can know their strengths and weaknesses helping them to choose the right career / Education stream. The following methods are used for the analysis:

through Enneagram Institue

Personality Type - to provide solutions for

  • Career Alignment
  • Role Clarity and alignment
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Team types
  • Interpersonal issues
  • Knowing more about self and others in team

Aptitude Type - through the following and more tests and solutions

  • Word Association Test
  • Thematic Aptitude / Pictorial Aptitude 
  • Happiness Quotient etc

In addition, we have the following Tests from ‘Central Test’ as part of our Solution Package

Personality & Competency:
These batteries of psychometric tests help one to evaluate the applicants' personality more predictably at the recruitment stage. For excellent hiring practices, the competency connection is worth pursuing. Whether it is consulting firms, schools or corporate sector, these personality tests allow you to recognize candidates' innate proficiency and identify the basis of their skills.
1. Professional profile
2. Big Five Profile
3. CTP-R
4. Sales Profile-R
5. Management Style Inventory
6. Occupational Interest Inventory

Skills & Aptitude:
Aptitude tests are designed to evaluate the candidate’s logical, numeral and verbal abilities. These assist in determining how people perform in any given job role and simplify the implementation of internal appraisals and providing guidance.
1. Reasoning Test
2. Emotional Intelligence Test
3. Business English Test