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There is a World full of opportunity out there but many Parents still want their kids to pick the usual career prospects. While becoming an Engineer or a Doctor will give your child a stable future, it may not interest him or he might not be cut out for it.

  RH Gurucool conducts Aptitude, Personality and Psychometric tests for students, Parents and Teachers so that the learning / knowing process is complete from both sides.

  Psychometric tests are used widely in corporates, business schools & institutions around the world to determine the aptitude and personality traits of an individual. This helps the young adults acquire a better understanding of their objectives and of their worth.

Today, more and more schools across all countries are using them for the purpose of curriculum support.

RH Gurucool Services
a) Psychometric solutions for Students, Parents and Teachers
b) Counselling & Guidance for Students and Parents


Comprehensive Career Planning Assessment - CCPA

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